How It Works

  • Download the app, enter your information, and select the contacts you want to notify about your safe arrival.
  • Enter a destination and select how you’ll be getting there: via Uber, Lyft, taxi, mass transit, or walking.
  • For the first two options, you receive the pricing for them so that you can select your most cost-efficient option.
  • When taking a ride with someone you don’t know, take a photo of their license plate. This image will act as an immediate deterrent, putting the driver on notice that others know the vehicle in which you’re riding.
  • The app displays the path to your destination and provides you with an ETA for your trip.
  • Start your trip (and the app displays where you are along the journey and if the recommended path is being followed).
  • As the ETA approaches, you’ll receive an alert asking if you’ve arrived safely.
  • If you respond to the alert that you’ve arrived safely, it will notify your network.
  • If you do not respond to the alert, your network will receive a message stating that something might be wrong and the pictures you took along with your last GPS location.

BestRides provides peace of mind for anyone worried about their loved ones – sons and daughters, spouses and parents – traveling alone.

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